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Mehrere Dissertanten- und Postdoc-Stellen am Institut für Theoretische Physik und Computational Physics, TU Graz  (Erstellt: 04.04.2020)

PhD and postdoc positions: Strongly correlated quantum many-body systems Numerical approaches at the Institute of Theoretical Physics and Computational Physics,
Graz University of Technology, Austria

There is an opening for  one or more PhD and Postdoc positions at our Institute as part of a funding program of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF).

The  starting date is flexible (preferably in 2020) and there is no deadline for the application. The positions will be filled as soon as suitable candidates will be found. The appointment will initially be for three years for the PhD student(s) and for two years for the PostDoc, with the possibility of negotiable extensions.

The  project involves  theoretical and computational research for  strongly correlated quantum systems out of equilibrium with particular focus on the interplay of phonons, electron  correlation  and  heat  dissipation  in  Mott  insulators,  in  connection  with electronic and photovoltaic applications. Optimisation procedures based on machine learning may also be involved.

Candidates should have a degree in Physics, as well as excellent skills in theoretical physics and/or numerical programming (preferably C++). Ideal  candidates  should  have  a  strong  motivation  as  well  as  excellent  skills  in numerical  and  theoretical  methods  for  strongly-correlated  systems.  For  example (nonequilibrium)  Green's  functions,  open  quantum  systems,  dynamical  mean-field theory, matrix product  states. Please, point  out  knowledge  and experience in these fields, if any.  Qualified women are strongly encouraged to apply.

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