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New Honorary Member of the OePG  (Created: 2019-09-01)

On 28 August, 2019, a new honorary member of the OePG has been officially celebrated at the Joint Annual Meeting of the OePG and SPS 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland, for his continuous support of the Austrian Physical Society, and for increasing the visibility of Austrian physisists on a national and international scale:

Prof. Dr. Peter M. Schuster:Peter Schuster (Foto © Michael Kammeter, 2010)

Curriculum Vitae:

1939 Born in Vienna, Austria
1958 – 1967 Student at Vienna University - history, Japanology, mathematics, physics
1967 PhD in physics, Vienna University
1969 - 1976 Industry: Carl Zeiss in Oberkochen, Germany
1976 - 1988 Own company in Vienna: "AOL - Dr. Schuster – Analytik, Optik, Lasertechnik"
since 1988 Independent writer: lyrics, scripts, screenplays (ORF and SWF), essays, etc.


  • Triggered to establish an OePG Fachausschuss (division) "History of Physics" in 2004
  • Started to look into the heritage of well known and not-so-well known Austrian physisists
  • Started to straighten the inheritance of Christian Doppler, Josef Loschmidt and Nobel prize winner Victor Franz Hess
  • Founder of the Victor Franz Hess Society in 2007
  • Founder of the European Centre for the History of Physics – echophysics in Pöllau 2009
  • Built an for Austria extraordinary exhibition in Schloss Pöllau (Pöllau, Styria) in 2010
  • Strong engagement in the History of Physics group of the EPS - president of the History of Physics group from 2007 – 2017
  • Peter managed to get 4 EPS Historic Sites to Austria:
    • Institut fuer Radiumforschung Vienna (distinguished as an EPS Historic Site on 28 May 2015)
    • Atominstitut der TU Wien (distinguished as an EPS Historic Site on 22 May 2019)
    • Institut für Physik, University Graz (to be distinguished as an EPS Historic Site in autumn 2019)
    • Victor F. Hess Lab at the Hafelekar/Innsbruck (to be distinguished as an EPS Historic Site in 2020/2021)
  • Named Professor by the Styrian Governor in 2016
  • Extention of the echophysics museum in Pöllau by an exhibition „Particularium“ in a separate building next to the echophysics museum, showing exhibits about energy harvesting and energy storage; opens 19 September 2019

Prices, Awards and Honors (selection):

2000 Member of the Austrian P.E.N.-Club
2004 Golden Medal of the Province Salzburg
2006/07 Austrian State Grant for Literature
2009 Member of the Academia Europaea
2014  "Georgi Nadjakov"-Medal, Sofia, Bulgaria
2016 Golden Medal of the Province Styria
  and numerous local honors and distinctions
Peter M Schuster died unexpectedly on December 26, 2019. You can find his obituary here (in German)

Honoring Ceremony: Prof. Dr. Peter M. Schuster and ÖPG-Präsident Prof. Dr. Gottfried Strasser; Foto © Karl Riedling

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