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Johannes Fink, IST Austria Professor, honored with Fritz Kohlrausch Award  (Created: 2018-10-06)

Johannes Fink, IST Austria; Foto © Karl Riedling

The Austrian Physical Society has recognized experimental physicist Johannes Fink for his work in quantum electromechanics.

The Fritz Kohlrausch Award was established in 1955, and is given out biennially by the Austrian Physical Society (ÖPG) to young scientists for outstanding research in experimental physics. This year’s winner is Johannes Fink, a professor at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria) in Klosterneuburg. In his award-winning work, he and his research team created a key electrical component—a circulator—that is about a hundred times smaller than was previously possible. This breakthrough could help enable the development of quantum computers with a large number of quantum bits.


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Johannes Fink, IST Austria; Foto © Karl Riedling

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