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Winners of the OePG Awards 2017  (Created: 2017-08-30)

On September 1, 2015, the following awards of the Austrian Physical Society have been granted at the joint Annual Meeting of the OePG and the SPS 2015 in Linz:

  • Ludwig Boltzmann-Award (OePG): Mikhail Lemeshko (IST Klosterneuburg)
    for his discovery of a new quasiparticle, the "angulon", which explains the rotation of molecules in quantum solvents.
  • Victor Franz Hess Award (Nuclear and particle physics section): Christian Kohlfürst (University of Jena)
    Topic: "Electron-positron pair production in inhomogeneous electromagnetic fields"
  • Anton Paar Science Award for Physics (OePG; section "Solid state physics"; award sponsered by Santner Privatstiftung): Tobias Huber (University of Innsbruck)
    Thema: "Quantum dots as photon sources"

More prices of the OePG - the Roman Ulrich Sexl-Award, the Students' Award and the awards for special achievements of students at Higher Schools - have been awarded at the "LehrerInnentag" on Thursday, September 28, 2017, in Vienna.

EPL Best Poster Awards (granted on August 25th, 2017):

  • Christoph Murer (ETH Zurich) et al.: "Magneto-optical detection of the spin Hall effect in Pt and W thin films"
  • Martin Bawart (Medical University Innsbruck) et al.: "Multi-colour operation of tunable diffractive lenses"
  • Abhishek Sharma (CERN; Oxford University): "E-TCT studies and thermal characterisations towards the ITK phase-II upgrade"

The following prices have been awarded at the "LehrerInnentag 2017" (Teachers' Day) of the Austrian Physical Society in Vienna on September 28, 2017:

  • Roman Ulrich Sexl Award: Mag. Günther Vormayr for his remarkable and sustainable initiatives for boosting the teaching of natural sciences, in particular, physics
    Mag. Josef Gröchenig for his achivements in teacher training, for leading the "ARGE Physik" Carinthia, and for the training of students by visits to European research sites and their student labs
  • Students' Award: DI Lukas Semmelrock for his thesis "Dissipative Losses in Self-Interacting Dark Matter Collisions"
    DI Raphaela Wutte  for her thesis "Near Horizon Boundary Conditions for Spin-3 Gravity in Flat Space"
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