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Donations to the Austrian Physical Society are tax-deductible also in 2016  (Created: 2016-11-07)

Donations (but not membership fees) to the Austrian Physical Society are tax-deductible expenses in Austria. They have been tax-deductible since 2005, and by a decision of the tax office in charge dated October 10, 2016, will also be tax-deductible in 2016.

Please note: Due to changes in the pertinent legislation, the OePG would be required to report the personal data of donors to the tax office. The procedure required by the Ministery of Finance is exceedingly complex; the cost of its implementation would exceed the current annual volume of donations by far. The OePG has therefore decided to cancel its tax-deductibility status by December 31, 2016. Only donations given to the OePG prior to December 31, 2016 are tax deductible!

Official decision

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