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Communications of the Austrian Physical Society  (Created: 2011-07-13)

Due to the rising cost of printing and distribution, the publication of the OePG's periodical <Physik|AT> has been definitely discontinued by a resolution of the OePG's board at its meeting on May 30, 2011. The role of the printed communications has essentially been taken over by this website: The page "Current Scientific News and Contributions of the OePG" contains scientific news and reports that previously would have been published in the periodical, although with a much higher degree of topicality. Announcements of events, awards and jobs of interest for physicists and related scientists and engineers can be found under the appropriate sub-headings of the information pages. Older scientific contributions and reports and obsolete announcements are moved to the Archive pages of this website, where they remain for an unlimited time.

There is an authenticated access to information that ought to be restricted to members of the OePG. Authentification is based on the combination of name or member number and the OePG password. (Meanwhile, all members have received these data either by mail or by letter; furthermore, members may request their login data via this website.) In the restricted members' area we offer, among others, protocols of general assemblies and of board meetings, as announced at the general assembly on June 16, 2011 in Lausanne.

Those members that are not reachable by mail or have requested to get information in print will receive important information such as announcements of important events by letter. Such letters will be dispatched only if required, in irregular intervals.

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