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Winners of the OePG and SPS Awards 2015  (Created: 2015-09-01)

On September 1, 2015, the following awards have been granted at the joint Annual Meeting of the OePG and the SPS 2015 in Linz:

  • Ludwig Boltzmann-Award (OePG):Josef Pradler (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Institute for High Energy Physics, Vienna)
    for his series of works concerning the astrophysical, cosmological and direct detection probes of Dark Photons.
  • ABB Award (SPS Award for General Physics, donated by ABB Schweiz AG): Gregor Jotzu (ETH Zurich)
    talk: "Experimental realisation of the topological Haldane model with ultracold fermions"
  • Victor Hess Award (OePG; Nuclear and particle physics section): Valentin Knünz (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Institute for High Energy Physics, Vienna)
    talk: "Measurement of quarkonium polarization to probe QCD at the LHC: From puzzles to understanding"
  • IBM Award (SPS Award for Condensed Matter Physics, donated by the IBM Research Laboratory Rüschlikon): Simon Gerber (Stanford University and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)
    talk: "Switching of magnetic domains reveals spatially inhomogeneous superconductivity"
    Bastien Dalla Piazza (Nanolive SA)
    talk: "Fractional excitations in the square lattice quantum ferromagnet"
  • Anton Paar Science Award for Physics (OePG; section "Solid state physics"; award sponsered by Santner Privatstiftung): Dominik Göbl (Institute of Experimental Physics, JKU Linz)
    talk: "Electronic stopping and charge exchange of slow light ions in metals and semiconductors"
  • Oerlikon Award (SPS Award 2013 for Applied General Physics, donated by OC Oerlicon): Branimir Radisavljevic (ABB Corporate Research, Dättwil)
    talk: "Single-layer MoS2: Electronics in two dimensions"
  • Roman Ulrich Sexl Preis (ÖPG): Gerhard Rath (Karl Franzens University Graz, and BRG Keplerstraße 1, Graz)
    for the integration of theory and practice in the field of physics education and the research-implementation of current trends into physics teaching and teacher-education
  • METAS Award (SPS): Peter Rickhaus (Dept. of Physics, University of Basel)
    talk: "Electron-Optics in suspended Graphene"
  • Students' Award (OePG): Claudia Gollner (Institute of Semiconductor and Solid State Physics, JKU Linz)
    for her master's thesis "Random Lasing in CdSe/CdS core/thick-shell Nanocrystals"
    Dominik Kreil (Institute of Theoretical Physics, JKU Linz)
    for his master's thesis "Spin Sensitive Structure Factors and Response Functions in the two dimensional Electron Liquid"
  • CHIPP Award (SPS): Lilian Witthauer (Departement Physik, Uni Basel)
    talk: "η-Photoproduction off Quasi-Free Protons and Neutrons Bound in Light Nuclei"

EPL Best Poster Awards (granted on September 4th, 2015):

  • Simone Schuler (Photonics Institute, TU Wien) et al.: "Graphene-based integrated photonics"
  • Daniel Moser (Atominstitut, TU Wien) et al.: "Investigation of systematic effects of PERKEO III"
  • Qi Liang (Atominstitut, TU Wien): "Calorimetry of a Bose-Einstein condensed photon gas"

Slideshow: Winners of the OePG and SPS Awards 2015

Group picture of the awardees of September 1, 2015

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