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VI EPS Forum Physics and Society - Improving the Image of Physics  (Created: 2014-06-10)

The VI FPS meeting will be arranged in Belgrade, Serbia October 2-3, 2014

Titles suggested for the topics:

  1. Improving the image with students - curriculum action - what works?
  2. Improving the image with employers - what do employers want?
  3. Improving the image with the public - engaging non-specialists

The purpose of the symposium is to:

  • improve physics teaching including how to improve careers advice and information to show the benefits of physics qualifications
  • demonstrate the skills of physics students to employers
  • engage the public with physics and particularly the "hard to reach" publics who do not naturally wish to attend physics events
  • demonstrate to politicians the value of physics to the economies of Europe in order to increase support for funding.

The conference aim is to share good practice and ideas that work in different countries to increase recruitment of students, to enhance the employability of students,  to improve the image of physics amongst the public and to demonstrate the positive impact of physics on the economies of Europe in order to improve funding and support for research. Delegates are encouraged to bring examples from their own experience to share during the afternoon workshops.


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