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Operation of the OePG Website in a Secure Data Transfer Mode (Secure HTTP - HTTPS)

For technical and organizational reasons at our web provider, we currently cannot offer the OePG website in Secure HTTP mode ( for all browsers and operating systems. When invoked in Standard HTTP mode (, the OePG website changes automatically to Secure HTTP if this is possible and safe. Please do not try to change manually to HTTPS if the website remains in Standard HTTP mode: You will most likely trigger a security warning of your browser if you do so. (In principle, no harm can be done in this case even if you ignore this security warning and continue in HTTPS mode. Nevertheless, you never should ignore security warnings unless you are sure to know what you are doing.)

The reason for this irregularity is that the OePG website offers its security certificate in a mode not compatible with all browsers and operating systems (Server Name Indication - SNI; see Incompatible browsers invoke the security certificate of the host server on which the OePG website runs, instead of the OePG website's, which results in a severe certificate mismatch.

The following browsers guarantee a proper operation of the OePG website under Secure HTTP:

  • Mozilla Firefox version 2.0 and higher (ca. 2007) and related browsers (Netscape Navigator, SeaMonkey, etc.);
  • Internet Explorer 7 or higher under Windows Vista or newer (not under Windows XP!);
  • Opera version 9.2 or higher;
  • Safari under Mac OS X version 10.6 or higher and under Windows Vista or newer (not under Windows XP!);
  • Google Chrome (all versions under Windows Vista or newer, version 6 or higher under Windows XP).

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this problem and endeavour to solve this problem soon.

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