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Winners of the OePG and SPS Awards 2013  (Created: 2013-09-11)

On September 4, 2013, the following awards have been granted at the joint Annual Meeting of the OePG and the SPS 2013 in Linz:

  • Ludwig Boltzmann-Award (OePG): Claudiu Genes (University of Innsbruck)
    for his ground breaking work in the field of cavity-optomechanics, especially for his investigation of the coupling between light fields and nanomechanical motion and the creation of entanglement in optomechanical systems.
  • ABB Award (SPS Award for General Physics, donated by ABB Schweiz AG): Titus Neupert
    talk: "Fractional quantum Hall states at zero magnetic field"
  • Victor Hess Award (OePG; Nuclear and particle physics section): Claudia Lederer (University of Frankfurt)
    for her thesis "Neutron Capture Measurements on 62Ni, 63Ni and 197Au and their Relevance for Stellar Nucleosynthesis" at the University of Vienna
  • IBM Award (SPS Award for Condensed Matter Physics, donated by the IBM Research Laboratory Rüschlikon): Jelena Klinovaja
    talk: "Exotic Bound States in Low Dimensions"
  • Anton Paar Science Award for Physics (OePG; section "Solid state physics"; award sponsered by Santner Privatstiftung): Heiko Groiss (JKU Linz)
    for his thesis "Structural Investigation of Novel Semiconductor Systems by Transmission Electron Microscopy"
  • Oerlikon Award (SPS Award 2013 for Applied General Physics, donated by OC Oerlicon): Iris Crassee
    Talk: "Magneto-optical spectroscopy of epitaxial graphene"
  • Students' Award (OePG): Max Riegler (Institute of Theoretical Physics, TU Vienna)
    for his masters thesis "Asymptotic Symmetry Algebras in Non-Anti-de-Sitter Higher-Spin Gauge Theories"
    Richard Wollhofen (Institute for Applied Physics, JKU Linz)
    for his diploma thesis "STED-Lithography at the 55 nm Node"
  • Roman Ulrich Sexl Award (OePG): Michael Stifter (HTBLuVA Wiener Neustadt)
    for the outstanding successes he has achieved together with his students at international robotics competitions;
    Hans Heimo Tentschert (BG Rein)
    or his didactical work, in particular for his achievements in the area of free-hand experiments in physics classes.

EPL Poster Awards (granted on September 6, 2013):

  • Reinhold Wartbichler (MU Leoben) et al.: "Influences of rippled titania surfaces on to the growth morphologies of 6P thin films"
  • Laurin Ostermann (Univ. Innsbruck) et al.: "Dipole-dipole influenced Ramsey interferometry"
  • Cezarina Cela Mardare (JKU Linz) et al.: "Al-Si thin films for hydrogen reference materials"

Viewgraphs of the award ceremony on September 4, 2013

Group picture of the awardees of September 4, 2013

Caption of the group picture of the awardees

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