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Winners of the OePG Awards 2011  (Created: 2011-06-20)

The following awards have been granted at the Annual Meeting 2011 in Lausanne:

  • Ludwig Boltzmann Award: Dr. Barbara Kraus, University Innsbruck
    for her excellent achievements in the area of quantum information
    more information (in German only)
  • Victor Hess Award: Dr. Markus Huber, University Graz
    for his doctor's thesis "On gauge fixing aspects of the infrared behavior of Yang-Mills Green functions"
    more information (in German only)
  • Anton Paar Science Award for Physics: Dr. Igor Beinik, MU Leoben
    for his doctor's thesis "Electrical Characterization of Semiconductor Nanostructures by Conductive Probe Based Atomic Force Microscopy Techniques"
  • AT&S Research Award: Dr. Bernhard Mandl, JKU Linz
    for his doctor's thesis "MOCVD growth of nanowires"

The Roman Ulrich Sexl Award has been presented at the Physics Day in Linz on September 22, 2011:

  • Roman Ulrich Sexl Award: Mag. Leo Ludick
    for his lifelong excellent achievements in the area of education, in particular for the foundation of the Welios - Upper Austrian Science Center Wels
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