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Winners of the OePG Awards 2012  (Created: 2012-09-24)

The following awards have been granted at the Annual Meeting 2012 in Graz:

  • Fritz Kohlrausch Award: Dr. Alexander Franz Jesacher, Section for Biomedical Physics, Med. Univ. Innsbruck
    for his contributions to the field of modern optical microscopy
    Dr. Daniel Kiener, Department Materials Physics, University Leoben
    for his contributions to the field of the plasticity in nanoscale dimensions
  • Roman Ulrich Sexl Award: Dipl.-Ing. Mag. Nicolette Doblhoff-Dier, Gymnasium Maria-Regina, 1190 Vienna
    for a series of impressive school projects, e.g. „Sir Isaak Newton“ (study year 2011/12)
  • Students' Award: Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Pospischil, Photonics Institute, TU Vienna
    for his diploma thesis „Electrical transport in atomically thin MoS2 layers
  • Victor Hess Award: Dr. Tobias Jenke, Institute of Atomic and Subatomic Physics, TU Vienna
    for his doctor's thesis “qBounce - vom Quantum Bouncer zur Gravitationsresonanzspektroskopie
  • Anton Paar Science Award: Dr. Martin Kaltenbrunner, Institute of Experimental Physics JKU Linz
    for his doctor's thesis
  • Max Auwärter Award: Dr. Giuseppe Mercurio, Research Center Jülich
  • Poster Prize for Scientific Contributions (sponsored by Europhysics Letters): Birgit Brandstätter, University Innsbruck
    for her poster "An ion-photon interface mediated by a cavity"
  • Poster Prize "Physics and School": Engelbert Stütz, JKU Linz
    for his Poster "Mit Magnetfeldern hören"

Pictures of the prize award ceremony (Fotos Dr. Christian Teichert, MU Leoben) (text in German only)

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